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LECTURE 2September 21 2011CULTUREAll human cultures involves the creation of some set of behaviour or rituals that solve a real life human problems Culture is a set of practices to fulfill the human needs It is transmitted from generation to generation It becomes shared when it is socially transmitted stHeros Aeolopile 1 century ce He created the machine in such a way that when water boils in the bottom part of the machine and the steam is released from the two pipes at the top the top part starts revolving This was the discovery of the steam engine Though the machine was discarded at that time and was used only by the king to open the doors in his palace But later when people came by the machine they realised the value of the machine and thought of using it to transport heavy materials from one place to another And so the steam engine came into being The AtanasoffBerry Digital Computer was first found in 1939 This was the first computer to be made But it was not recognized at the time as it did not make sense to many people Sometime later when it was discovered by people during the war they thought that they could use the machine to calculate trajectories of their shots and could shoot more precisely
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