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White collar crimes

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Sociology Lecture
February 8, 2011
Hershew said people who commit white collar crimes have low self-
White collar offenders are good at avoiding prosecution and even if
their tried, they are likely to get lenient sentences because they can
Compliance and deterrence
ocompliance strategies try to create a market incentive to do the
right thing- sanctions and fines for doing the wrong thing; it
follows the action
ogeneral deterrence: signs such as no trespassing or uping the
penalties for drug; trying to prevent you to do something
ospecific deterrence: punishments that happen to you to make
sure you dont do it again; cost effective calculations- the reason
you put money in the parking meter
in terms of white collar crimes, specific deterrence may work
white collar offences only account for about 6% of all arrests- stats;
whether they are more difficult to detect, police departments or
prosecutors may put less resources into those crimes, less of a priority.
88% arrested for white collar crimes were prosecuted and 74% were
convicted in criminal court. Only 18% receive a prison term of more
than a year
in white collar crimes, stings and swindles is getting jipped; getting
money through a scam
Social control agents as deviants
Gary Marx- eminates from labeling theory- he notes social control
creates the problem its designed to eliminate
oLabeling theory if you label someone something, they will
eventually become that
oExamines three situations where social control can be
contributing to rule breaking: escalation, non-enforcement and
covert facilitation
Escalation: the enforcement of the law is escalating more
illegal behavior. Ex. A car chase
Non-enforcement: breaking the rules either because you
dont think you wont be sanctioned or you know you wont
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