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Lecture 7

Control, Power & Decision Making In the workplace - Lecture 7 Reading

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University of Toronto St. George
Paul Glavin

lecture 7 notesMODELS of MANAGERIAL CONTROLRichard edwards tries to extend their theory of labour market segmentation to also describe the evolution of workplace control systems identified 3 basic types of managerial controlsimple controlmost common in secondary labour marketsemployers regulate the labour process with coercive methods through a hierarchy of authoritytechnical controlachieved by machine pacing of work and can replace the direct supervision of simple control methods eg henry fords assembly line gave managers a power means of controlling the pace of work bureaucratic controlevolved in large corporations in the core sector of the economy has good salaries benefits rewards environment usually to skilled labour and middle and upper class market this employment package designed to win employees commitment argues that the evolution of segmented labour markets with different control systems resulted in a socially fragmented and politically weak working class critics like braverman theory portrays workers as largely passive undermining their power of resistance Andrew Friedman emphasizes how workers resists reshape and actively participate in the management control strategiessuggests frontier of controlworkers could gain control through union bargainingmanagement may initiate work reformsresponsible autonomy
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