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Socialization 9/14/2011 8:11:00 AM - Isolation is not the only attribute to the lack of social and regular development - Spitz: natural experiment, on the importance of certain effects on children (development of children in the Orphanage vs prison care facility ) - delayed development in the Orphanage because of lack of regular interaction with a parental figure - Biology sets broad limits and potentials, it however accounts for specific patterns of behavior and social practices - Darwin: the less useful traits are weeded out over time to create a stronger and surviving species - Socio-Biologists claim that there are universal human trait. Ie: for men to want more sexual partners then females. They deduce this from the amount of reproductive material that can be produced - Genes are the hard wiring of humans according to socio-biologists - Genes never develop without external social impacts (ie the pregnant mother that does drugs for example) -Its only in the last century has childhood became a distinct period of life - Childhood is considered to be a step of preparation for adolescences and thus for adulthood - Prolonged Childhood is considered to be for those that are more well off or of a higher class - Economic necessity is denoting later development into adulthood Re-socialization : Occurs when powerful socialization agents deliberately cause rapid change in peoples values, roles and self conceptualization, sometimes against their will (initiation rights) The mock Prison experiment. (Stanford) Sociology: Intro to Sociology 9/14/2011 8:11:00 AM Social Solidarity can dictate the propensity/desire to take their own lives or societal function in any form - Persecution of a social group (Jewish) can create a tighter bond and detour impulsive selfish behavior like suicide [Durkheim] - Higher levels of social solidarity are with groups with high levels of social and intimate interaction and vise versa - Curvilinear rate. When the level of social solidarity is extremely high then the rate of suicide can be higher [altruistic suicide] the is a result of people willing to die for the group or the groups beliefs - The rate of suicide increases with age??? I disagree, suicide can be viewed as an act of impulse. The isolation is isolation that you create . You are only as isolated as you choose to be. - 3 Revolutions had to take place before Sociology to be created: Scientific revolution : evidence to back up truths Democratic Revolution: The idea that the people as a collective can change the world. Its not divine power Industrial Revolution -Sociology: is the systematic study of human interaction in social context. It is based on the idea that our relations with other people create opportunities for us to think and act but also set limits on our thoughts and actions. Abstraction: The capacity of creating ideas or ways of thinking New Society: Culture 9/14/2011 8:11:00 AM - Culture: The sum of socially retransmitted practices ie: religion, language, and material possessions etc - Society: is the interaction of people in a defined geographic area -Material culture: Tools and techniques that improve our ability to take what we want from nature - In order for a culture to survive and progress it requires to possess a few traits: a) Abstract the ability to create new ideas (innovation) b) A complex social interaction that is sustainable and stable in compliance with social norms c) Production References Slide #7 lecture #2 - To insure Conformity cultures require both positive and negative sanctions to reward or reprimand for certain behaviors - Ethnocentrism: Judging other cultures exclusively by standards of own culture - The social understanding of a culture can be impaired if the culture is taken for granted or from the above definition of Ethnocentrism - Culture viewed as freedom can be related to Postmodernism ( a reaction to the modern style of living *culture today*) - As societies become more complex they become more heterogeneous through trade, immigration, and globalization. - The above can be a reflection of more liberal ways of life and freedom of choices - Globalization is a process by which formerly separate economies, states, and cultures are becoming tied together, and people are becoming increasingly aware of growing interdependence. There are many origins of Globalization including but not exclusive to mass media, travel, education, technology etc - The effects of globalization can be negative also. Ie: contributes to cultural fragmentation, creates a mixed pot of cultural ideals within the individual, destroys the isolation of the typical culture and could raise individuals to question. - Also on a side note the world is starting to see the major neg impact of pollution as a result of globalization. - Voting is now starting to take a hit because there is less importance being placed on cultural views then say in the 60s cultures are becoming less uniform in a sense of beliefs. Freedom of choice and lack of pressure to conform in certain aspects of society are the probably causes of this - In the postmodern era, more and more people recognize that apparent progress, including scientific advances, often has negative consequences Postmodernism Problems: - How to properly educate the new generations in compliance with the specific culture and their beliefs. Curiosity and technology can raise questions and defiances easily. - Rationalization may enable us to do just about everything more efficiently, but it comes at a steep cost and is one of the most constraining aspects of culture today - Culture as a constraint: Rationalization and consumerism - Countercultures: Subversive subcultures that oppose dominant values and seek to replace them (e.g., hippies of 1960s and environmentalists today) Today, our lives are increasingly governed by the twin forces of rationalization and consumerism
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