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Lecture 1 Notes

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Lecture 1
Sociology; study of social organization.
Explaining how the social game works.
How can we measure the amount of inequality, why are some societies different, better,?
Purposeful attempt to ask; can we do better?
Inequality: quality of being unevequal , something higher than something else. A and B. We show thers a
big distribution of ppl having lots and ppl having little.
Natural inequalities between ppl. What is the relationship between social and natual inequality. N.I:
beauty, athletic behav. How do natual inequality transform to fame, power, etc. How do ppl justify
inequality. What are the conclusion we came up with to explain inequality. These explanation are because
we accept inequality.
Why do some societies reward beauty instead of intelligence, or vice versa. Why do societies act these
Lenski: showed status consistency matters. Ppl who show consistency try to bring change to the social
state of the world.
Is inequality inevitable?
Life is unfair. Everyone is dealt a diff hand. ”a wiseman says there is no greater inequality that equal
treatment of unequals. In some circums inequality are necessary.
Jean Jacques Rousseau: the place to start is the diff between natural and social inequality. Society
provides privileges to various ppl. Certain rights to do things that others dont. Under what cirucm scan be
justify these diff in privileges? The only way is by looking at their natural inequality and social
inequalities. S.I must be proportional to be just. A and B, A has more privileges that B, does A have the
right to command B? Compare them in virtue, intelligence,etc. If diff inpower is the same as natual ability
then its ok. Its like saying a child giving orders to a old person. The difference in giving orders is due to
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