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Lorne Tepperman

Lecture 1 20140915 912 PMWhere do jobs come fromOlder people vacate them through retirement or deathPrivate investors create them in an effort to reap profitsGovernments create them using tax revenuesFewer people are retiring at age 65 these daysPrivate investors are sending their money overseas to gain higher profitsCanadian governments are taxing at a low rate to win elections and lure multinational corporationsUnequal Life ChancesThe term life chances Max Weber has been widely adopted by others in the field o It recognizes the chancy nature of social life o People have different opportunities to become wealthy powerful and respected o However we are not talking about natural inequalities like height or beautyNatural Inequalities o There are many natural inequalities between peopleo As sociologists we are interested in how these natural inequalities become social inequalities o Also in the social consequences that flow from these social inequalitiesPerformance of Inequalities o In particular sociologists are interested inHow people dramatize or perform inequalities How people view inequalitiesHow people explain inequalitiesHow people justify inequalities andHow people invent or construct inequalitiesInequality often has additive and even mutiplicative effectso people with two or more disadvantageous qualities are more than twice worse off than people with only one
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