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Racial and Ethnic Inequality

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February 1, 2011 Racial and Ethnic Inequalities People still care about ethnicity - R&E conflicts - Theories about the continuous importance about conflict over R&E genocide o Some reasons are economic The economic system produces class inequalities, like Marx and Weber arguer People of different racial and ethnic groups are stemmed into these classes; and ideological systems legitimates the resulting racial inequalities o The intensity of the conflict The also care about race - How can we explain the persistence of R&E inequalities - Premise: racial groups are visibly identifiable, ethnic groups on the other hand are not o Ethnic groups themselves feel distinguished from other people of society, ethnic people believe they share common characteristics and experiences - Marx: ethnic identities no meaning, it exists because differences benefit the dominant class o As people became more aware of their class status, they would get rid of their ideas of ethnicity ethnicity: importance of the tribe - Durkheim: believed people do place importance in ethnicity, but as society urbanized, it would disappear o Industrialism new form of social organization, will not have any room for ethnic differences, people will organize about other principles which can be shares: occupations, neighborhoods, etc. Not divisive, but integrative differences New ethnic groups are forming - An ethnic group: cultural, religious, occupational, language or political similarities - Ethnic groups are far from home and are minorities in their new home o Immigration: by definition, youll have more minorities o New ethnic groups forms as people move around o There is a clash when one group comes from one place to another place If they are numerous enough they form communities at new places
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