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Topic 6: Mass Media Mass Media.

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Topic 6Mass Media Week 6 lectureNS Chp 5SIQ Chp 1011Outline 1 The impact of mass media 2 Organization of the mass media who controls it 3 sociological issue of mass media how do we receive it Example of Mass Media eg1 American Psychohow people become consumer and victims of the mass mediahow the killer and the killed are victims of consumerismbanned when it first came out at 1991eg2 Oprahthe most dangerous woman in the worldNew Age teachings course on miracles there is no sinQueen of the New Age GuruShows that mass media is almost like a religioneg3 Dont drink the koolaid eg4 Stats on Media WatchingMass media in our consumption is an important part of our daytoday lifeCanada 22 hrsweek on averageOlder viewers watching more than younger viewerFemale viewers watching more than male viewers Mass Mediarefers to print radio TV and other communication technologies mass reaches many peoplemedia no facetoface interaction oneway transmitting few senders many receivers eg cellphones are not a media books are shaping ideas about yourself your communityovertime shape your hopes aspiration dreams things that are possiblenot possiblepowerful input in shaping the habitus History of Mass Media thth Printing Media dominates the 1518 centuryth 19 Century long distance transmission startsInternet Arpanet military technology hyperlink of image and soundsWWW only began in 1989 21 years old Stats on Internet UsageInternet usage in World Region North America highest Africa the lowestInternet usage and population Density Global divide of internet usage digital dividereflects unequal resources distributiondue to power difference between areas of the world Why Mass Media Grew 1 The Protestant Reformation promoted literacyth 16 Century the public relied on priests to tell them what was on the bible
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