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Lecture 2

Lecture 2 Jan 17th 2012 SOC202H1 Shirin Montazer

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If N is equal than you do not have to standardize frequency if they are unequal you must use proportion or percentage Formula for proportion pfn Formula for percentage p100n Distributions of Ordinal and Interval DataNominal distributions can be listed in any order however with ordinal and interval level must be ordered because there is an inherent order Guidelines for Constructing Class Intervalsfollow these for tests for full marksCategories must be mutually exclusive 15 610 1115 NOT 15 510 1015Designed to reveal to emphasize patternsPossible to have too few or too many groupsblurs the dataWhole numbers preferable to decimals Another way of constructing frequency distributionThe following are the steps of constructing a frequency distribution 1 Specify the number of class intervals 2 When all intervals are to be the same width the following rule may be used to find the required class interval width WLSK o Wclass width Lthe largest data Sthe smallest data Knumber of classesExample suppose the ages of a smaple of 10 students are 20 18 18 21 19 25 22 23 23 and 22We selected K4 and W25184175 which is rounded up to 2 Stated vs True limitsTrue classes are those classes such that the upper true or real limit of a class is the same as the lower true limit of the next classStated classes are those classes that we see in the grouped frequency mutually exclusive Example Stated limits True limits Frequency 15 0555 6 610 55105 10 1115 105155 11Calculating True Limits
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