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Scott Schieman

10am-12pm SOC202H1S AH100 Tuesday 17, 2012 Lecture 2 Quantitative methods Statistical analysis Professor Scott Schieman First 3 chapters - Histograms not done by hand. - All computer done First 3 classes just to get class engaged and interested. Sociology of mental health will be used to bring interest Samples: age of anxiety said in the New York Times. This will be investigated using current stats. Statistical Analysis - Summarizing data to bring a narrative, a story. - Quantitative and qualitative split in academics - But in reality both compliment each other - Stats are concept driven such as mental health, consumerism. - We apply hard stats to non-concrete concepts. Looking at patterns through associations. Anxiety is most frequent disorder. - Frequency of symptoms. - Sub level symptoms, not enough to be diagnosed How to operationalize anxiety? - Through association. - What happens when people have anxiety? - Example: sleeping trouble, eating less, physiologically - It is difficult to operationalize anxiety with symptoms because the symptoms are correlated with other disorders such as depression. It is hard to operationalize anxiety without operationalizing depression at the same time. How to sharpen each category - Example: the category of (all) in “In the past month, how often have you felt anxious or tense: None of the time, a little, some, most, or all the time? - All category can be asked in more detail. Population vs. sample Use sample to collect data and estimate Attrition: losing people over time. If you do follow-up interviews, people are going to drop out. Long-term sample studies. Population and sample S
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