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Scott Schieman

1 Chi-Square test March 27, 2012 Bring a basic calculator for the exam Chi-square example What social statuses predict support versus opposition to same-sex marriage? Homosexuals should have the right to marry Semantics influence the tone, can bias the results. Example using the homosexual term versus gay men term. How does each word influence the results? Example question Is gender associated with attitudes toward same-sex marriage? Null hypothesis: gender is independent from position. Slide 3 • 636 represent the total number who oppose • 79 represent male unsure • 316 represent female support • 606 represent total males • 1336 represent total sample What is the expected value? Test question: define the expected value. Chi-square analysis (slide 4) SOC202H1S Quantitative Analysis in Soc. Science. March 27 2012. Scott Schieman. SP. TG. 2 • 347.5 is the number of females who oppose homosexuality if null is true. • 44.25 percentage of women who oppose same sex marriage. • 51.65 percentage of men who oppose same sex marriage. 1. What is the chi-square value needed to reject the null? 5.99. 2. We obtained chi-square of 9.2048. We are able to reject the null hypothesis at the 0.05 and 0.01 level. 3. Can cannot reject the null hypothesis at the 0.001 level The chi-square values are values which are of the rare percentile. Typically 0.05 or 0.01 Question 2 Is scientific knowledge related to attitudes about same-sex marriage? Scientific knowledge: does the earth go around the sun or the sun go around the earth? We cannot reject the null hypothesis. The chi is 4.8658 but the critical values at 0.05 is 5.99 Question 3 Is astrological sign associated with attitudes about same0sex marriage? Pearson chi2(8) = 5.4861 p= 0.705 There is no significant value. There are no patterns between sign and attitude on same-sex marriage. Chi-square joint frequencies ANOVA uses means. Compares average scores. Measure of variance between and within groups SOC202H1S Quantitative Analysis in Soc. Science. March 27 2012. Scott Schieman. SP. TG. 3 1. Is using the call phone while driving associated with scores on a “distraction” index? 2. Null hypothesis: There is difference between the groups in terms of their mean levels of distraction. 3. TSS: total sum of squares. Grand mean: 2.63 Within group mean: amount of spread within each group. BSS: between sum of squares. WSS: within sum of squares. Mean square between groups divided by without groups. To reject null, want a large between group variation and low within group variation. Test: focus primarily on chi
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