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Politics as a Vocation True or False 11032013214900oAccording to Weber 1the state is an association that claims sovereignty over a territory page 78 2authority is legitimate domination page 7879 3charisma is the authority of the eternal yesterday page 7879 4In domination by virtue of legality obedience is expected by virtue of devotion and personal confidence in revelation heroism or other qualities of individual leadership page 795Organized domination calls for a control of a staff and of material means of administration page 806States vary depending on whether those who govern own the administrative means page 817The feudal vassal paid out of his own pocket for the administration of his fiefdom page 818The development of the modern state involves the expropriation of the autonomous and private bearers of power page 82othe paper needs an argument a counter argument start now and talk to TA oLast lecture we talk about authority and thinkers such as Kant who stated society can debate rather than be part of a monarch oSynonym for public realm is state and synonym for private realm is civil societyocivil society is a realm for ideological struggle when we contrast ideas from Marx and Gramsci and the question is the ideas that are found in civil society are they worthy for revolution Marx and Gramsci on Ideology oA Marx on ideaso1 two examples oRELIGIONothe state o2 Ideology inverted ideas o3 an overload part of the German IdeologyooB Antonio Gramsci 18911937o1 Italian contextolate unification onorthsouth economic differences
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