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Lesley Kenny

Test study tips:  NO Author and Years; methods (except concentric circle)  But summaries in your own words  So and so said… and so and so said……  *name on slides  Short form answers and few memories from lectures (okay pt. form)  X The difference between A and B is…… (right to the answer!!) Urban SOCs up until the 1960s: (what do they focus on?) p. 576 (1 / 2 article)  Up to 1960s: o Focus on Ecology (Human Ecology) o Succession invasion o People naturally gathered tgt 1. Worked with assumptions/givens about urbanization 2. Assumed “urbanization”=”modernization” 3. Urban concentration & dispersion analysed in terms of personal preference, taste and decision a. Industrial land use considered only in terms of its efficiency in certain areas b. E.g. “taking this course” is natural to u because u live in urban areas ( but also some other reasons beside this) c. Space merely reflected the characteristics of its inhabitants/users d. E.g. This is what they want; this is natural happen there 4. Social and personal crises ascribed to urban living, human ecology model (not social structure, Means of Production) 5. Ignored role of state in creating urban infrastructure; no conceptualization of the relation btw state, economy and urban forms  All limbs and no heads (no one dominate paradigm; people are still following Parks’  Tracking of the cities : how they expand and their population movement  Same things: explain the same thing led to intellectual arouses Urban riots in 1960s  Birmingham Campaign, 1963 o Birmingham, Alabama: worst of segregation and divided city o Christian organized change in this city  Watts Riot, Augus/1965 (34 d.) o LA started to burn  Stonewall Riots, June/1969 o Gay bar  1968 – worldwide protests, mostly workers & students (esp. Paris, Italy & Argentina) o Why are they led by students?  More time  More financially unstable: marginalized groups  Less to loss: kids, families, mortgages, but education  New ideas: politically movement all over the world o Prague Spring, 1968, January  Dominated by the Soviet, tanks going to  Until 1990  A site of social control: stone pavement o Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. April 4, 1968  Nobel prize: freedom  Phd in Sociology o Paris, May 1968  First general strike o March of Vietnam War How do you use concentric model to explain these riots?  How could the human ecology (Chicago School) SOCS explain this?  They couldn’t and that was the problem  Urban Socs did not see these coming; did not have macro-level theory to explain these crises  Zukin – identity crises Following riots…  State agencies increased $$ for urban studies  Resulted in problem-focused urban studies  Some urban SOCs conducted research a’-la Chicago School, others worked on state- funded research  Research agenda often still followed Park’s (1915) outline However….
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