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Lecture 2


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Candace Kruttschnitt

SOC212 LECTURE 2 SEPT. 19 , 2012 Deviance and Social Control Measuring Deviance: Unofficial Methodological Strategies Distant Methodologies A. Observation – visible acts of deviance 1) Limitation: limit to the deviant activities which people doing in public circumstance B. Snowball Sampling 1) Moving from one informant to another 2) Limitation: Used for hard to reach populations. Not representative enough since only a small group of the population will be sampled. Sample data relies on not only the initial informant but also the rest connection of the chain. C. Case Study 1) Case study of one individual or group 2) Case of one community or setting (ethnography) 3) Most popular social research design method 4) Limitation of generalization to large population Becoming Involved A. Participant Observation 1) A method that sociologists are actively involved. SOC212 LECTURE 2 SEPT. 19 , 2012 2) Difficulties b/w being an insider and an outsider simultaneously 3) Advantage will be the rich data collected 4) Disadvantage: hard ethnic issues B. Captive Populations 1) Ethical issues 2) Representativeness is not enough to represent the whole population Indirect Measures of Deviance -Joel Best’s Study of Child Abduction TH SOC212 LECTURE 2 SEPT. 19 , 2012 Who defines deviance? ← -r
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