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SOC212 Lec 4

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University of Toronto St. George
Nathan Innocente

Lec 4The Chicago SchoolTheory a way of viewing the social worldMake underlining assumptionsuse it to mean a guess or a hutch about somethingall of us make theories What makes a good theoryEmpirical proofhas to fit the facts evidenceLogicalMake sense of the facts Widely applicable Has to sensitize you to make certain observationsInterconnected series of ideas testable assertionsScientific theorySocial Scientific Theory interconnected series of testable assertionsDesigned to disproved falsifiableOutline for Discussing TheoriesSocial BackgroundIntellectual BackgroundSummary of Main PointsTheoretical PerspectivesCriticismsCurrent DirectionsSocial Background of Chicago SchoolStudy of urbanizationImmigration rapid population expansionMostly unskilled labor exponential growth due to immigrationSmall town uniformitycomplex patterns of urban lifeChanged from coherent small town to a heterogeneity societyMulticulturaldiff groups of people moving inDeskillingsocial problemsEvolution of industrializationtechnology that can take overUnemployment housing problems disease crime massive concentrationCrime fosters in certain regionsSeem to concentrate at certain regions but not othersMelting potweak ties shared customs social controlIn these regions there is a melting pot of different peopleInformal social control in these areasIntellectual BackgroundSoc Deptfounded 1892Approach rooted in pragmatism formalismPragmatism Facts are not self evident but vary from person to personSymbolic interaction in sociologyKnowledge is not a state but a processAcquire knowledge by understandingdoing research of these problems in practical reality
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