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lecture nov 15

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Bonnie Fox

Family PatternsMarriageSexualityNovember 15th2011Sexuality ASocial factors and forces that shaped what was seen as normal sexuality 1nineteenthcentury legislation to equate sexuality with reproduction laws against nonreproductive sexantiabortion laws 2the ideas of homosexual and heterosexual people identities and sexual natures developed in the late 19th early 20th centuries 3experts promotion of the idea that sex was the glue holding marriage together 20th century equated sexuality with reproduction sexuality for a sake of reproduction hard to generalize bc everyone has different sexual experiences assumption however people were capable of a lot of things in terms of their sexual behavior in 19th century England masturbation was discusses as a social problem nonreproductive sex problem that was weakening the male part of the population people were seen capable of a number of different sexual practices laws passed in 19th century passed against nonreproductive sexuality laws passed against contraception abortion nonreproductive acts 1969 contraception was illegal1987 abortion was illegal laws specifically passed to promote fertility 19th century US and Canada forcibly sterilized certain individuals who they did not want to reproduce African American women often ste
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