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Family Patterns- November Dec 6th

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University of Toronto St. George
Bonnie Fox

1262011 111300 AM Family Patterns week 11 Week 11 Family Insecurity in Neoliberal TimesHours of work in Canada have gotten longer not shorter This used to work when men were the breedwinners Now it is a problem since most men and women are in the labour force Because daycare is so hard to get what happens when couples have children the mother changes her job and make adjustments in order to care for her children Wealthier womenthe exception can buy their way out of this problem and affort to hire someone to do the childcareA Government and employers assumption that people lve in conventional nuclear families with mothers home caring for their children 1 The case for universal day care the difficulties of lone parent families 2006 almost 16 of families and over 18 of children younger then 15 yearsDivorce the largest source Consequences poverty and the trouble of trying to both care for children and earn a living Every Canadian government since the 1980s promised except for Harper promised for daycare IN this society the assumption is that it is best for a child to stay at home with their mothers when it comes to childcare IS IT There are a bunch of different issues to address Downside of daycare is that children get sick a lotThe evidence is that children from low income familes are better of in daycare in terms of physical growth and better off in terms of their motorskills development LOWINCOME BABIES In terms of middle class and upper class they do the same in terms of physical growth
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