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Eric Fong

Lec 1 History of Chinese in CanadaEarly Chinese ImmigrationFraser River Gold Rush in the 1850sA From San FranciscoB From China Understand their past will tell you about what they encountered or what they are encountering nowDifferent ethnic groups face difference issues diverseThere are differences between those who arrive in earlier or lateryears in CanadaMost Chinese came to North America because of the Fraser River Gold Rush in the 1850sMany first arrived to San Francisco and travelled to Fraser RiverMany directly came from mainland ChinaMany also travelled to different parts of the world India Indonesia ThailandSouth America ex Peru Darker area SiYi is where most of the Chinese came fromMany Chinese came to America as gold minersmost are independent miners claim his own spot in the river to find gold Chinese came from the chain migration one person shared the news of Canada with another the villageclan have the same last nameClose relatives usually came togetherCharacteristics of the migrationChain migrationSojourner migration did not expect to stay in CanadaAmerica for longplanned to go back after becoming successful or earned enough moneymany were successful1 Thought they would return home very soon wanted to return home2 Most of them dont spend money they save money 3 Send money back home Spend few years to pay back to those who help them get to Canada travelling expensesonly start to save after paying back the travelling expensesthey dont want to spend moneyOccupations and IndustriesMiningworked for the mining companiesRailroad Labourersafter gold rush mining companies declinemany Chinese worked to build the railroad as labourersLow paying jobshuge difference in payment why are they able to tolerate all thisthey dont want to create trouble thought they would go home after working herethe Sojourner characteristic affect how they are able to tolerate workRace and Ethnic RelationsContextsLow wages and long hours of workBC Economic difficultiesa lot of people have difficulty DevelopmentProvincial BC1879 petitionexclusion of Chinese from work for the CPR and to levy tax on the Chinese peak of antiChinese movement 187980
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