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Lecture 5

Lecture 5 The Chicago School and Political Economy

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Lesley Kenny

Soc 220 October 12, 2011 Lecture 5 Foucault's idea that power doesn't necessarily operate in obvious ways -power of classifying -Bourdieu's contcepts of habitus and social/cultural cpital and critiques -Critical race theory: we've become desensitized to everyday racism >colour-blind theory Today -The Chicago School and Political Economy Review -Foucault and power >power is no where and everywhere >abortion! ppl take sides... one side or another... -Bourdieu > habitus... how we "vacuum"/absorb the social world and making it a living structure in us... the way we act out >cultural capital >social capital Critical Race Theory -if women complain abt gender issue, black ppl complain abt race issue... ppl say they're being too sensistive "The Post-black Condition" Toure (from NYT bk review by Patterson, Sept. 22, 2011) My "Oh come on, gimme a break" Theory >i argue it has become fashionable to poo-poo accusations of racism* "oh come on, gimme a break, can't a person make a joke?" "..... and quit with all that politcal correct crap..." -*could also be referring to issues of race, gender, class and so on How does that work? -serves to shut down a conservation -meant to inform the origional speaker that s/he is the one who isnt' "with it" -smoothes over actual inequalities (like that Happy conclusion from the StatsCan survey on the experience of vs. Minorities in canada!) Speaking of inequality... WATCH THE NEWS -secondary protest outside of police station.. protesting abt police treatment of ppl protesting on Wall Street -Occupy Toronto Oct15th... Saturday... The Chicago School (Chapter by Wotherspoon and Satzewich, 2000) -a school of thought, 1892- world's first dept of soc, UChicago -used the surrounding city of Chicago as a kind of natural urban research lab -TCS known for work in urban soc, race relations, criminology and social problems -Robert Park, Ernest Burgess Urban Ecology (Park and Burgess) -the city as a natural ecosystem (Darwinian) -ants -competition and the struggle for scarce resources -> esp. land -compettion for land leads to divsion of urban space -0theory that ppl who live in same areas, share same charateristics bc subject to same pressures -the concentric zone Assimilation (Social Science) -meaning not in social science is when governments make policies that force ppl to assimilate... i.e. making French the second language -in social science it is how and why groups of ppl become more culturally alike Political economoy perspective -a critical "unpacking of economic issues" -doesnt reify "the economy" -reify= to take abstract concept and make it real -analyze beliefs and behaviours and how they are related to class, and everyday material life -e.g. what person(s), with what class power, made exactly what decisions, for whom, and why? -"... a concern for the ways in which people socially produce and reproduce the conditions for their existence" (W&S pg. 71 of coursepack) FIrst nations: "Third World" Inequality in Canada FInish this childhood rhyme..: "1492..." Columbus sailed the ocean blue - we were taught that he discovered NA -1000's of years after indigenous peopls already lived, hunted, farmed and developed communities here Indianness (Margot Francis article, 2012) -deconstructs "taken for granted" images of Indiannes -we idealize and demonize "indian" -"lazy, savage, drunk freeloaders or noble and spiritual figures who are close to nature" -in movies/tv, "Indians" have been either the bad guys, or childlike noble savages -women and men usually highly sexualized -"white man'
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