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11 Apr 2012
Care for Older Adults
- as people age they often need help with things
Informal care from family and civil society
- most commonly a persons partner (women more likely to be the one proving
car, husbands more in favor of institutional setting)
- second most common is a child (daughters more likely)
Caregiver squeeze? (less caregivers in near future)
a) longer lifespans
b) smaller family sizes
c) more dual-income and household divorces
Health care system
- in candaa, multiple provincial and territorial systems
- Canadian Health Act of 1984: universality, public administration,
comprehensiveness, portability, and accessibility
o Only apply to hospital, physician, and surgical dental
Prescription drugs left out
Expected cost too high
Yet important part of healthcare needs
Covered in some provinces only if you are low income
Some provinces give reemburments proportional to costs
(eastern Canada)
- Institutional long-term care (gaps in healthcare) services that can take place in
different situations that direct there focuses towards chronic illnesses
o Nursing homes
Look hospitalized
o Assisted living
Move people into institutions but try and make it feel like home
Greenhouse model: relatively small facilities, look exactly like
houses (but bigger with private apartment suites)
Have green spaces outside for gardening and relaxing
Nurses don’t wear uniforms, don’t feel like your being
taken care of but being “helped”
Casual atmosphere
o Continuing care retirement communities
Aren’t directly subsidized by the government
Independent living assisted living skilled nuring care
As needs change there is a transition
Large fee to get in, then monthly payments
o Hospice
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