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Lecture 5

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Markus Schafer

SOC246Lecture 5Aging and HealthApproaches to Studying Health Positivistico Assumes that phenomenon in the world are objectively out there for us to observeo We can meaningfully measure the social world and make sensible predictions about the futureInterpretative o Assumes that our job is to make sense of phenomena in the social world and to question the meaning that people attach to words like health or ageing o Shows that health is a complex phenomena o Ex What is healthPeople have different conceptions about what health is think more about what health means as they begin to age Positivistic Approachesmorbiditysome sort of lack of function o preveleancehow many people have that disease o incidencehow many cases arise o epidemiological transitionshift in nature or types of morbidities that are prevalent infectious acute dont last long chronic ongoing7080 of death in modern world comes from chronic disease100years ago infections and acute disease were large killersmost chronic diseases increase in frequency and severity as people agechronic diseases are not distributed equally social class plays a rolepeople in lower classes have higher levels of these diseasesDisabilityThe process in which diseases affect body systems compromise ability to participate fully in social life to act in socially expected ways
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