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Markus Schafer

Documentary: Almost Home. St. Johns on the Lake ← Model how do they play out in the movie context ← Independent livhis wife ← He assumed that he will come back to the apartment but needs help, he is confuse ← Try to determine where is the best He said assisting living but has to meet the criteria ← He has a disease not saying he wont get out of the nursery home but need to stay there longer in order to get treat ← ← ⇒ Before people didn’t have a choice worst situation early on, take away from people’s life ← Look at how they can reestablish choice now allowed to choose when to eat (7am, 9am), shower(own decision, their own will) ← The physical needs were meet but lack on emotional need (spirit) ← Doesn’t need to have a schedule and a uniform for patients ← ← Those patients wouldn’t be there if they were able to take care of themselves need to guide them ← TraditioIt used to be people had to wake up at a certain time and were being under control ← New culture empowers the elders. Approaches that had to be change such as medication being in the room but also challenges to the nurses even though trying to avoid social problems ← ***You cannot address social issues and not the medical needs ← Have a gadget to keep track of them ← His reality and reality of life2 different realities ← ***An individual’s life and the reality of life aren’t the same ← They don’t want to be a burden shadows that come over when they are thinking ← If deep culture change for ppl with different degree of dementia, it will be interesting to see how to integrate these people ← Workers have to left them alone to cool down or else the situation can escalate ←← It is hard to balance Dolores wants and the leader’s (husband) expectation of what she wants ← People with dementia are altered to their social environment ← First man seen in the docuother cou
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