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Renee Miller

SOC265H1 FLec 3Deconstructing the category women Intersectional analysislast time talked about relationship between gender and bio one thing we need to be careful about think crticially about categories what they mean what they dont etcmenwomenmakes ppl in these categories seem similiar glosses over differences think about categories important charateristics are shared or else why have themSimone de Beauvoir most famous for boko the second sex makes groundbreaking pnt that in western cultures men are defined as standardnorm and women are defined as deviatoin of that norm their ways of thinkingacting treated as normal whereas womens bodies experiences etc and talk about them in how they differ from men idea of man as norm women as other according to her owmen not defined by any qual they possess but rather the differences from men significant in medievil ages women were not thought as seperate sex but moreso as incomplete men look at classical antiquity reading this comes across as apparent this means womens very nature seen as how they differ from manin simones time that attitude very prevalent so women were just like men expect in some specifici differences and that made her a women such as lacking right to vote their lack of logical thinkingwhen we think of lacking citizen what do we think of renassiance thinkers early enlightement thinking arguing for removal of feudalism and move into democratic state and arguing for whowhat ppl are this is notion of where individual liberal rational thinker and still model of how we think of ppl today we also have individual rights to make desns and this is what we think of as citizen todaythis notion of invidiual emerged during enlightment and this was groundbreaking bc we are thinking of ppl as indiviuduals big question is who are imagining with this free individual rational etcthinker the point is the person we were imagining as this is not a women but a man bc women were not included in these discussions not thought to be rational not free or equal didnt have right to voteall of these philosophers like rousseoulocke and were writing about ppl in general but really talking about men this is simones pointmens experience tend to become universalized and become the normstill see asssumption that men are norm and women are the other still see this ex see dept in hospital dept that specialize in womens health in canada we have a status of women offices but dont have any status of men officesthese little things tell us men are okay with the normal progams that are out there bc men are the norms bc programs set up with male norms on side women have needs on top of thatridic bc how can it be special need if half the population is womenproblem is the lang we are using and the attitude underlying language of man as universla subject exchairman salesmansimone took idea of abstract personhood and deconstructed it and took it apart that it pretends to be about everybody but it is about men based upon mens experiences and a specific type of man intersectional scholars did the same thign with category of women few decades later and tried to show that when we talk about womenfeminity in abstact this cultural idea does not represent all women or their interests also that man really meant white man and women really meant white women a particular type such as heterosexual middle class ablebodies prob marriedtypes of issues first twowaves of feminisim interested in slides but these first two waves left out a lot of women such as disables queer immigrant poor women etcwhich is why we needed third wave feminism to bring all the voices back in first couple of waves of feminism describes exp as progressive in some ways and stifiling in
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