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Stigma and HIV

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Robb Travers

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Lecture 6
Stigma and HIV
Bury – Illness distrupts the biographys we have for ourselves
-Go throught life with a naritive, hopes and dreams (personal biography)
-Diagnosed with any type of illness distrupts this plan / path
Before 1996
-People were preparing to die
-Spending money
-Seeing the world
After !996
-People were living longer and struggling because they prepared to die and are now living
Stigma is defined as
-Deviating from norm would cause stigma
-When stigmatized felt belittled
-Management of spoiled identity (1963)
-An attribute deeply discrediting within a particular social interaction
Stigma must happen in specific interaction
-Cannot happen in isolation
-Deviating from the norm causes stigmatization

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-3 categories of stigma
o1) abominations of the body – various physical deformities
Media showed the full impact of the growth of the boy
Because of angle
Media stigmatizes people
o2) blemishes of individual character
Back in 1960s weak wil domineering or unnatural passions etc
Hand gesture for gays is one of the 3 gesters known around the world
o3) tribal stigma of race, nation and religion
o4 particualr things have the highest degree of stigma
Person seen with the disease is seen as responsible
Disease is progressive and incurable
The disease is not well understood among public
The symptoms cannot be concealed
Jonathan Mann
-3 phases to the aids epidemic in any country
oEpidemic of HIV infection
oEpidemic of Aids cases
oEpidemic of stigma
No society on earth where Aids has appeared and there is no stigma
-Research on hate crime
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