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Robb Travers

SOC309 NOV 9, 2012 STIGMA Landmark book - Inviting whats wring with himn with cane - Falls short of societal expectations - Person with non normative attribute reduced from whole to tainted perspn Goffman - Abominations of the body various deformities - Growth on face is much more severe - Vietnam hospital for sick children remove growth from face - Children resilient ignore people staring at him - Off plane pearson - Hard for not to look - Not able to get surgery in Toronto but in boston 2 - Written 1963 think different of society - Homosexuality not normal point on sexual orientation not continuum - Addiction - Used make point - Cou Poster - World war 1 - We want you except if your gay - Degrading gesture gay 3 - Queens grew up og jehova witness left when age 17 - Stigmatized member of jehova witness all stigma growing up - And left and was stigmatized by the faith - Another form of stigma to his life - Hiv field people hiv endemic 2percent stigma from those countries tribal stgiam Disease ass - Stigmatized regardless of any disease we have - Diabetes - Linking of notion of behavioral what we do as indi respnsoble for disease - Argued 3 decades of rich studies - Disease ass with high degrees stigma - Seems responsible – bears out many studies no matter diseaee even common cold – stigmitzed feel unclean and dirty - With cancer worry if people will blame them for the illness especiall ass with smoling - Progressive and incurable more stigmatized - Bodily changes anyone ill experience casues emotional pain that bc feeling stigmatized - Wasting caused by chemo thin those hair feel stigmatized even nothing indi behavior - Something about diseases that are progressive make body deceline stigmatized - Not nderstood among panic cause moral panic and stigma - And not concealed or hidden visible public stigmatized as well Link phelan - Soc and psych battle what is stigma about us or something one does to else - We do other peple or about us provokes - Stigma exist interalted compnetnet and power at centr - All occur together in power sitiautation - Ster and labeling – drawing on preexisting ster types label something about you othered by people and pull back and conceal oneself - Loss some social status - And active discrimination - All together were power is infused or someone make descion of your life when stigma occurring Mann - Pbs videos who global aids program died plane crash off nova scoatia - Stigma in ass with hiv - 3 3 phases - Hiv - Aids after infection has occurred - And epedic of stigma - No matter where see three distinct phases play out - Aids no disease intervention - And moral panic - Universal aspect of stigma of aids Herek - Aids related stigma - Booroed from cancer and stigma - Aids stigma different - Cancer patient in bed not rerlated to smoking - They might blaming sleves wondering If they did something - Other feel bad - With aids people don’t say this sis unfortantae - All feel stigmitzed by hiv - First year taught class students did journal of changing attitudes - One admiteed wondering how long you have to live - Aids related stigma at group ass with hiv Aids related - No place open doors hiv come in - Always been reaction to hiv shaped by stigma - Local epidemeiology or existing prejudice shape stigmaitexed reposnes to disease - Thailand sex industry - Irrespective of beliefs enormously suscces sex trade for tourism - Society pushed through stigma of sex work and done hiv prevention and make hiv amnassdor - First contact with torurists - Writing average thai person emabrrased by sex industry - Also see stigmatized thai identity - Depending on certain locale who gets hiv is how stigmitzed the disease - Thunderbay majority are iv drug users - Local epidmeoiology how people feel about group of people fuels stigma - Herek - Wherever stigma exist target unpop society - Not those with power who can ignore it Herek 1989 - Aqmerican psychologist - Cncept aids related stigma - Already stig people - Azquired stig ways - Is terminal and wasting - No treatments people dying rapidly - Visible and drastic chmaes - Different all other diseases ass with stigma 1992 study - Ontario pos space pos places - Quality of housing disease outcomes - One thing is exp try to acquire housing - Abuse by landlord - If landlord suspects if ill - Heterosexual couple zibambwe landlord heard zimbabaw not look healthy Africa said had aids - Stigma alive and well Ioverlaid - Racist assumption from Africa be hiv positive and include attribution responsibility Concept of stifma - Different ways measuring stigma - Inacted stigma and felt stigma - Felt is feeling enacted stigma - Enacted stigma someone is races to you - People violated in certain way - No matter how much women describe overt situation assaulted sexually doin own thing and took adavantgaeg - After interviewed ask did they deserve it did they dress wrong - People through out there from - Not women indi but male power - High school beat up for sexual orientation - They blame themselves maybe acted more masculine - Pick out something of behavioral you were beaten up bc gay we know objectively they internaqlzied negative beliefs - Hiv and cancer - Fife and wright - Experiecen illness rej - And intern response on the other - People hiv - Dating people and need to tell people hiv positive recount if went well or rejected - Related to health and health outcomes and degree to which on internalize relates to helath outcomes - People hiv I didn’t deserve to be treated badly no effect on health - But blame thmeslvels not loser past and not get hiv most impacted on mental health by rejection National aids trust Focus group – stop for moment and think what do they think do they blame people for hiv People thinking of hiv when they haven’t thought of it before People think hiv no longer problem Snyders - Building hereks work - Three nerlying things - Ins symb and Ins - Fear of aids as an illness - Stigma bc afraid as disease Symbolic - Symb ass between aids and groups ass with it - Abroginals hig infection rates - And see releuctance to talk about it - See stigmatized as a group - Gay men report same knd of thing - Winston husbands – work hiv in carribean comm. In Ontario – husbands syndrome stigma - When afro and caarribe exper stigma not only hiv but of also being balck - Hiv gives racist people another nail to hang coat on of racism - Not tease apart prexzitsing stertypes and or racism - One is hiv and often ineract Courtesy - Historically caregivers avoided - Nurses wear space suits - And if friend and came out nurses avoid you for feel of tranmit hiv to them - Ed roads first person in Winnipeg to come out pblciy having hiv - Mother made plea on cbc fro compassion bc saw how son was treted and went on to die after year - She went on consisrable isolation due to stigma ass with her high profile case of hiv Manifest - Stigma elevated if person seen as repsonsoble Herek gma - Study by herek and capatnio - Repeated in the 1990s most recent in 1999 and 2002 - Done at number f univrsityies in the us - Questions about If hiv from drug use did get what the deserved - Not include in survey 2 - Alter bdy - Aids thought of fatal and dying personifying death Pic - Focus groups in photos not envoke complassion evoke ractions of blame or stigma - Whats wrong with her - Is she did - People not compassionate as want them to be 3 - Contagious or harm others evident today - Supposed young children - 1999 north American society high knowldeg how contract hiv not new illness - What they write about in article not cmpass or not - 1999 3 years of 1996 when antr retro and protease inhibit wasting effect stopped and hiv looked healthy after comb of cocktail drugs why
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