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Robb Travers

SOC309Y1 February 17 2012 Race Racism and HIVAIDS Supporting African Caribbean and Black Communities Mount Effective Responses to HIVAIDS Wangari TharaoWomens Health in Womens Hands CHC provides health care services for these women The African and Caribbean Council on HIVAIDS in Ontario ACCHOmid 1990s cofoundedemerge of HIV in black populations The African and Black Diaspora Global Network on HIV and AIDS ABDGNco founded 6 years agomobilizing black populations in diaspora Social exclusion and racismACB Tharaoin her capacity as an advocate will speak about black people being reocgnized in epidemicalso a researcher Race and race populations across diaspora Presentation outlineEpidemiology of HIVAIDS in African and Caribbean communitiesCumulative disadvantageMultiple intersecting dimensions of stigma and discrimination and their impactsCommunity engagement and building the responseEvolution of ACCHO and ABDGNFraming the responseOpportunities and challengesHIV among African and Caribbean communities in Canada27000 living with HIVBlack people constitute 39 of Ont Pop18 of people living with HIV in 200860 men 40 womenHIV prevalence is 23fold higher compared to non IDU heterosexual pop 2008Prevalence increased by 62 from 2003 to 2008ave increase of 101 annually29 of new HIV diagnoses in 2008569 of HIV infected babiesCanada14of people infected with HIV by 2008 were from ACB populations status report 200916of new infections in Canada in 2008 Status report 20092005200972 of new HIVcases and 71 of reported AIDS cases 80 of the positive HIV test reports attributed to ACB in 2008 were in persons under the age of 40 years Status report 2009698 of the 597 applicants who tested HIVpositive through the migration process in 2006 were born in Africa Not much difference between Canada and OntarioWho gets infected in Ontario People from Africa and the CaribbeanAfrican and Caribbean men make up 60 of HIV infection in the HIVendemic category Remis 2010 11 of HIV diagnoses among all men Remis 2010African and Caribbean women make up 40 of HIV infections in HIVendemic category Remis 2010 half 50 of HIV diagnoses among all women Remis 2010 It is worse for women because they make up 50half infection AC Children infected with HIV 57 of all children born with HIV in Ontario Remis 2010 Who gets infected in Canada People from Africa and the CaribbeanBetween 20052009 72 of new adult HIV infections 71 of reported AIDS cases were from HIVendemic countries
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