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Candace K.

2/2/2013 1:11:00 PM I. RETHINKING US POLICY 1. The Harrison Act (U.S. 1914) 2. The Cost of the Drug War in the U.S. 3. Returns on Investment? II. CANADA’S DRUG POLICY A. History 1. 19th Century – few restrictions few restrictions on the sale and the use of substances It was only toward the end of the century that people got concerned with drug use The immigration of Asians was encouraged b/c they were building the railroads across Canada Didn’t care if they smoked opium When unemployment/railroards weren’t built – they became really concerned with opium use 2. 1908 Canadian Opium Act Made smoking of opium illegal -1911 Opium and Drug Act (now includes morphine & cocaine) Opium act expanded Included other prohibited substances -1929 Opium and Narcotic Drug Act (adds cannabis) provisions for deporting people who were convicted of certain drug offenses gave the RCMP assistance/they had the power to search for drugs anywhere or anytime they wanted to 3. 1950’s and prohibition against trafficking New development of prohibition against possession of the purposes of trafficking New law required anyone found with drugs in their possession had to prove that the dugs were for their own use and not for sale The burden of proof on the individual that was accused – made prosecutors jobs a lot easier 4. 1961: Narcotics Control Act: increases severity of sentences Increased the severity of offenses for drug offenses Increase the punishment for people who are found trafficking drugs The number of convictions for weed increased too The penalties by the courts DECREASED White middle class kids were getting dragged into court 5. 1977: Controlled Drugs and Substances Abuses Act (merges two prior laws that regulated illegal drug use) 2 laws that existed were combine
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