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Lecture 5

Lecture 5 Feb 7th 2012 SOC313H1 Professor Frederick

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SoulTraining Foucault Raises it to draw attention to the old styles of punishment which focused on physical punishment Idea was to make punishment a spectacle of how powerful the state was Foucault contrasts this with todays approach which is more disciplinary type of punishment Not about punishing the body but more about punishing the soul 30 multiple choice 6 short answer with choice Identify or explain the concept what were the two concepts associated withor examplesPolicing Police vs PolicingPolice vs Policing o The police are a group of people who do policing but policing is just an activity More and more groups are engaging in policing private policingPolice The police is a specific modern organization endowed with the states legal authority to use physical coercion or the threat of it to enforce the law in pursuance of the maintenance of social order Innes 2003 64Actual role o Crime managementThe police arent super effective when it comes to crime management because they do not work too hard to prevent crime they just respond to when crime happens o Order managementPolice on a parade route the police are there to monitor things so they dont go out of hand o Security managementThe police are there to provide security monitor to make sure nothing is going wrongTransition Away from Standard PolicingGeneral idea of policing is based on the assumption that generic strategies for crime reduction can be applied throughout a jurisdiction regardless of the level of crime nature of crime or other variations o One size fits all approach to dealing with crime o Random patrols getting in their car and cruising around for trouble o 911 not thinking of a particular community but a general approacho Generally applied followup operations o Not much contact with other agencies they do not work with other groups or organizations o Overwhelmingly focused on law enforcement
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