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Lecture 7

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Legal Status; Jus Soli vs Jus Sanguiins Rights Participation Belonging ; Citizenship RegimeL set of institutional and legal arrangments which define the parameters of ctizenship’s 4 diemenstions [increasingly defined at sub-national level] ex. Quebec’s interculturalism; legal status, rights, participation, belonging CLASSIC UNIVERSAL CITIZENSHIP MODEL: MArhsalls citizenship is to those qho are full members of a community = clear line between insiders and outsiders – equality is GUARANTEED among insiders thanks to universal rights LIBERAL CITIZENSHIP: neutral state, basic premise that human dignity mainly stems from autonomy Citizenship = contract between indivdual + state [Focus of integration policy; belonging + participation] MULTICULTURAL RESPONSE TO LIBERALS: No such thing as neutral state Human dignity requires recognition of cultural identity, allowing one to flourish and choose their identity MULTICULTURALISM: simultanesoyl = theory of rights and citizenship, demographic fact of growing numbers of immigrants cultural diversity, ideology; that there is such thing as equality in diveristy, and we need to recgonice individual rights to self-identification and promotion of their own culture; process of competition between groups; internal conflicts for resources and ecnomics; policy; Multicultural Citizenship; WEAK: Citizenship: contract between individual, group + state STRONG: Citizenship: contract between group + state WEAK MULTICULTURaLISM: how rights are protected: seeks to strike a balance between individual and group rights Internal restrictions: the ways in which community leaders control behaviors of individuals – not allowed in weak multiculturalism, protected by state External Protections: mechansims that the government uses to protext minority groups from oppresion from mainstream society = allowed by weak multiculturalism INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS = ban on individual restrictions GROUP RIGHTS = external protection CRITIQUES OF MULTICULTURALISM AS THEORY: 1) Multiculturalism threatens individual rights: it foces on relatons between groups and ignores internal conflics and power relations – ex women 2) Weal Multiculturalism threatens group rights: ban on internal restrictions limites group survival, internal regulations undrmines their group identity 3) Liberalism and Multiculturalism are not compatible: it is impossible to reconigise all cultures as ewual because of their distinct propositional content, there are numerous cultures, numerous identities; people identify with their community on varying degrees, some may not identify at all, homoegenzing is a problem a well MULTICULTURALISM AS A POLICY: Identity challenges addressed by multiculturalism: 1) backlacsh of ethnic minorties against recommondentations of Royal Commision of Billinguualism and Biculturalism: Trudea implemented the multicultural policy in response to the unsatsied immigrants, saw there was an increasing diversity in needs and that there were not being met by policies; it was an effort by liberals to capture the votes of increasingly non french non english population; culture became personal choice, we had not offical culture we were a sum of our parts\ 2) Quebec nationalism: needed a fundamental difference in nationlism, 3) American Imperialism; needed to generate greater social mobility, and incerase foors for busniess and economic prosperity PHASES: 1971- 1980 PHASE 1: Folkloric Multicultraism: Celebrating our diffeences Act of 1971: 4 objective
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