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Alexandra Marin

lec 6 network - behavior effects social networks and health - health is also affected by our social support. - social networks and health - contagion - influence - support - contagion is when things pass from one person to another. - first contact contagion - you come into contact with a person that gas a conta- gious disease and you catch it the first time. - contagion spreads faster over time. - epidemic, the point where it suddenly accelerates. - on average the spreading of diseases increases exponentially. - network depends on mode of transmission - the pattern of spreading focus on network’s structure rather than content. - core infection model - every body is connected one another - sex with everybody - as soon as disease enters, everyone will have it. - there are alot of different paths for disease to transmit to one single node - inverse core model - have a lot of sex but never with each other - e.g. prostitution - having sex with people not in the network - bridge between disjoint populations - have sex with other network - isolation of disease is easy. - does not stop spreading in each cluster but will stop it from spreading to another cluster. - spanning tree - branching type structure - isolating any node would help to stop the spread to a particular cluster of peo- ple. which kind of network matters for the problem of contagion? the schools have whole networks. - the longer the cycle it is, the less likely it is to spread. components are the ultimate barriers to disease spread. t
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