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Barry Wellman

Case 1 In the wake of the wheel: introduction of the Wagon to the Papago Indians of Southern Arizone The Problem  American Indians know nothing of the wheel and its uses until white men came  Did not make use of wheeled vehicles until before 1900  Adoption of the use of wheels was because of the result of a deliberate program of the United States Bureau of Indian Affairs  Program was successful and had reached effects on the simple routine of life in desert villages The course of events 1. 1687, Spanish missionaries first came into contact with the Papago Indians. Missionaries and soldiers brought metal tools, cattle, horses, Christianity and some ideas of political and military organization. Horses were introduced, fact is not recorded. 2. Papagos live at the extreme margin of Spanish influence in the New world. Papagos moved into the villages around the mission churches for longer or shorter periods and learned something of new agricultural techniques and products. 3. Middle of 19 century, new era began for the Papagos. Joined as allies with the Americans against their old enemies. 4. 1860s, Papagoes in the 1860’s, agents of the bureau of Indian Affairs expressed deep concern for the “poverty-stricken Indians”. 5. Plan was put into effect for giving a farm-wagon to everyone who would agree to build a house in the Mexican adobe style. 6. Majority of Papagos lived far to the west of the agent’s village and were not reached by this first program, only in the eastern villages that wagons came into use 7. Brothers of the headman of the village of Choulik, thrown into ra
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