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Brent Berry

SOC364 NOV 14, 2012 DARK DAYS – subway tunnels people making home for selves community and security as well, many thing ass with home, many issues and many challenges As soon find places like that they get displaced if private prop, if public depending on enformcement often displaced . many homeless under bridge in Bathurst street . someone complains real reasosn or perceived threat and something done about it. Authorities did nothing about it. Rudolph giulanin aggressive to remove homeless 10 last lecture - Look at housing lookin at compartments - Some through private - Homeless hosuing - Resource away from affordable housing more generally - Decline in subsidization - Declines in programs - Master plan public housing - World war 2 solve poverty linden Johnson, building scial and public housing can influence by us - Master plan public projected refelect period manufacturing in cananda and modernists solve problems through science and tech - Belief solve social problems through similar approach, - 50 60s from emerging cities to emerging suburbs - Many poor live in odnwtown the central cities or downtown core - Urban renewal – many comm neighborhoods were bulldozed - Reagent park – close to key inst and business in dt torootno - Many haven’t worked out created isolation - Built form not allow for territorla function – not allow for people upperhand of comm. Like policing - And concentrated disadvantage - Not walkable comm. And business not survive bc of conc disadvantage - Move further out close to subway stations - Social housing built in piockets – morgan woods - Proximity mass transit kind of isolated - Vibrant forms of comm. Developed - Comm. Emphazied kinds of housing - The three p’s – public partner partnership - Less gov and less gov resources - Not know which ppp are valid and not - Cumulative deficit in affordable housing - Huge waiting lists and vigourous debate if gov involved in housing at all and to what extent - Key source of affordable hosuing is seconf suits, houses subdivided - Secons suites not allowed in many municipalities - Quality of second suites varies tremendously - Huge part of affordable housing segment of Toronto - Housing assistance – student ghetto the grange area and - They exclude students - Low income and immigrant and single parent family less education, chronic health and acute 11 - Most extremem form of housing deprivation - Integrate problems of housing everyone has, indisutru of service 12 - Homeless separate from other housing programs - Homeless most deprived in all society, taking away security of fixed place - People try to carve out niche for onesslef and find security whether abandon subway tunnel or abandon building often very important - Few marginal places in urbanized Canada - Absolute rela - Chron and ep - Abs – lack of essentials of housing basic shelter lacking basic shelter - Rel – much more slippery based on standards of socwety based on affordability and crowding of housing, basic standards of society - Found in article - Most intention of chronic – long periods of time without housing - More common is episodic – short periods if evicted, losing job, relationship problems no other place to go - Mental conception of homelessness most hardcore on the streets - Definition chage over time - 1980s homeless not common of term – homeless refered to men work place to place spent time where slept was flock houses, district low cost housing, housing, skid row, low cost housing mostly men iterentet workers going place to place - Single men unattached moved for work reasons place to place - The so called hobos jumped train and go across countires - Spectrum and dif definition, most common is chronic – refer to homeless and abs referes to extent of homeless lacking to abs 13 - Casuses are complex - Ind specific - Some commonalities - Common themes - Sequence of causes indi specific - Each ind own biography, talk about past - And braoder casues trends - What has increased homeless in society and ind - Always had homless people and own explanation - Broader trends increase rate of homeless overtime - Casues related to work breakdown of personal relationships - Drug alc and mental health usually combination and unfolds over many years - Things may go through vicous cycle system not provided to prevent downaward spiral - Increase level of homeless chronic and abs but true other - Cities in Canada – dtown most urabanzied much urbanized spaces homeless live no longer there and subsidexe to increase use of them - South of railway corridor – completely redeveloped city place to west and south core new area of condominium - Further east the disterally district one of largest manu in north America used to be marginalized space and prop owners ok and area changed new eco of urban trootno - Availbtity of low cost housing - Gentrification – roomin ghousies and skid row and flock houses no longer availale people bought up roming houses and changed to single family apartments provided essential form of housing to people on streets - Broader range limnite growt of affordable housing - Gov more involved, not profitable built trad apartments - Either tear downed or upgraded - To middle class – cana mortgage hosuing corpaotion – to supporting mortgage markets - Mortgage banks provide insured by cmhc - And insure downpayment is less then 20 eprcent - Address avail of housing to all cana to middle class cmhc - Through mortgages and other incentive - Sell primary residence capital gains tax free encentive home owner ship - People at bottom not do much for that resources taken away - Surpluses everyyear from cmhc, surpluses subsized affordable hosuing in 70s few used today - Deinstulizzation – 1960s research concluded most people insti could survive in society with proper care – the followup did not materalzie - 1 thrid people in psych ins then 60s - Promisies made - Many fell through cracks and may found support others not - Visibility of homeless is another factor - See a lot more homeless in Toronto icrease homeless reflected and other thing reflected - Homless make small living in panhandling - Daily routes homeless take thorugh service providers more interation with people not homeless - Marginal space – not much value for owner fo those space, at margins not much value and not lot of enforcement fo laws and not use of business, on spectrum urban renereal gentr much more polarization more to prime and marginal spaces declined - Prime space – high use value – keep undesirbals out of - Capitalism tearing things down before they need be - Comm. Changing quickly from marginal to prime quickly and more levels of inequality and segration three cities of Toronto - Greater visibility and interation of homeless with gen pop Counts 14 - Enumerating the homeless - Sufficient emergency services - Summer heat emergency, political reasons - Overes and pull resources - How identify homeless and where not visible all times of day - Count in city overnight - Overnight dif to find often sleeping - Homless defined where u sleep often challenge where count at night - What counting do to help - May provide information, done with street census - Dif population to count - Motivation are somewhat dubvious - Service provders overstate bc not worry withdrawl - Under est for gov - Most common way of counting is shelter use – counting howmany people use shelters poele not use bc not want to bc counted - And rules and reg of shelters homeless avoid them - Sheler counts underest but most common 15 - Project with students in dtown core - Geographical area and new estimation - Used resighting 16 - How respond - 5 response types - Reflect diff challenges some explot some more short term and few basic underlying problems - Acc – short term in nature bed to sleep in meal and getting through today, front line and most commone posiutve - Rest – more spiritually orientated assistance lot of incvolde of churches and places of faith - Part of problem is alck of spirituality and bring it into life, strong spitual component in reposnes to homelessness shelter meal and spiritual intercentionas well - Exploitive – lot of homless may provide small loans. Homless to sell blood or plasma, high loan rates charge greater prices for things and potential employers pay less or not pay at all most homless earn living not just panheld - Excl – bring In homeless shelters led to prevent that through zoning reg and other means to exlude homless - Challenging to be in area giulani through police and loitering laws and exploit homeless in manhatten - Cont – wall around high levels of homeless and oter enforment act - Marg space to prime space Toronto some places gone down like Detroit - Depend more on mau not adapted to new world eco - And buffalo - Last 25 year manu previous important has left the great lackes region in north America - Toronto major corp moved here banks high tech stuff media and medicine - Ancillary services - Finance powerful city and creaeted demand for space 17 - Distrubtion service homless depend on - Paths homeless take not easy as once before 18 - Blue book provides address orientated to homless - Produced every couple years - Looke dblue book over 3 decades - Done in 2005 - Disrtrubution of services changed over time 19 - Red dots repreated sighting of homeless pop - Southeastern most challenged eco and socially and most conc of homeless 20 - Insights - Broader area of study - Metaanalysis number of other studies - What scope of problem - Agreed increasing problem in cities - Estimates vary a lot - Most is shelter use not street count - 5 per 10000 per night - 30000 in 1998 shelter number remained at that level some say undercount many not use dshwlter despite ben not smoke or use drugs may feel coped up
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