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SOC367 – Week 7 Reproductive Labor II 1. Housekeeping 2. Reproductive labor: paid domestic work onaglobal scale - Rhacel Parrenas: International division of Reproductive Labor - Pei-ChiaLan: Structural continuity of Domestic Labor REPRODUCTIVE LABOR? - Arraysof activitiesandrelationshipsinvolvedin maintaining peopleboth ona daily basisandintergenerationally - Racial division of reproductive labor in theU.S. Two-tired hierarchy of women Rhacel Parrenasservantsofglobalization - What doesthepicturelook like if we examinethedivision of reproductive labor onaglobal scale? - Study buildsuponGlenn& Sassen Womenandmigrationunder Globalization - Saskia Sassen: feminization of migrant labor (increasein labor migration of womenfrom developing countriesto advanced,capitalist countries) (1) Decentralization of production (manufacturing in advancedcountriescan’t completewith thelower pricecostsin developing countries) from advanced, capitalist countriesto developing countries Effects: a) Increasedin production activitiesin developing economics(e.g. Taiwan) incorporatelocal working-classwomento themanufacturing sector of thelabor market b) Createsdemandfor evenlower-wagelabor of womenfrom poorer countriessuchasthePhilippinesandIndonesiato fill thevoid. - Men andwomenareattractedin different sector of theeconomy; ‘work’ is separatedasgender (2) Development of “global cities”: Transnational corporations(TNCs) have emerged,andspecializedprofessional servicesarecentered. - Requiredlow wageswork suchasdomestic work; attractedwomenin developing countriesto fill thecondition - Ex) NewYork, Toronto, LA, Rome TheInternational Transfer of Caretaking - Three-tier transfer of reproductive labor amongwomenin sending andreceiving countriesof migration - Concept of interdependent andhierarchical relationship amongwomen - Reproductive labor; only womenhavethehierarchy andwomenaredifferentiated in classtwo ways unequal development amongindustrialized+ developing countriesunder transnational capitalism - Classdifferencesin thePhilippines–other hierarchy is created Migrant Domesticworkers: what areconsequencesofstuck in themiddle? (1) Conflicting classmobility –lotsof womenin Philippinesarehighly educated but after they migrateabroad,they work asservant anddomestic labor (waste of their talent/ability) (2) Pain of family separation –pain of not being ableto takecareof their children themselves (3) Displacedmothering Pei-Chia Lan: Global Cinderellas *What is therelationship between“unpaid” and“paid” domestic labor? Structural Continuity - Unpaid household labor andwageddomestic work arenot discreteentities; but fluid anddynamic - “Structural continuity” of domestic labor: both feminizedwork attachedwith moral merits andyet undervaluedin cash Structural continuity acrossprivateandpublic spheres 1. Migrantswomenwho arehomemakers(doing unpaid household labor) 2. Foreign maid (performing paid domestic service)  foreign brides(doing unpaid household labor) 3. Simultaneousposition of migrant domestic workersandtransnational mothers (performing genderedresponsibilitiesonboth paid andunpaid ends) 4. Simultaneousposition of migrant domestic workersandsingledaughters TheNannyBusiness–film - Flying to foreign countries,finding abetter futureandmeet employersthat never meet;At Toronto Pearsonairport, womenarewaiting to someoneto pick
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