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SMC103Y1 October 20, 2009 Faith Seeking Understanding How can humanity best God? Faith (supernatural revelation): inspiration of the Holy Spirit and is made available through the teaching of the prophets, summed up in Holy Scripture, and transmitted by the Magisterium, [collectively called “Tradition”) Reason (natural revelation): truth available to all people through their human nature; certain truths all humanity can attain from correct human reasoning Is God something that cannot be understandable or is He innately knowable? Image of Thomas Aquinas In one hand he is holding church which represents faith, and the other he is holding scripture which represents reason and he argues that faith and reason need not be argued against another. Image of Odysseus’s Bow Anyone who can take his bow, string it and shoot the arrow through the 12 axes can marry the woman. The idea of the bow which is normally straight, to pull it together draws the ends together. Josef Pieper argues that the ends of the bow represent faith and reason, and Aquinas has successfully pulled these things together. Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade Clip There are certain items only knowable by faith and challenge our belief in reason. Indiana Jones was to cross a gap and had to believe he could make the “leap of faith” and sure enough there was a path for him to cross. When he throws gravel on the path to let those who follow him know there is a path there, so do theologians give insight to others. Catholic Christianity and Mystery Incarnation: the Councils of Nicaea and Chalcedon understand that this means that Jesus is truly God, but also human Trinity: fixed as doctrine at Nicaea – God is Father, Son and Holy Spirit Sacraments: sacraments as “visible signs” of “invisible grace” as defined by Augustine While we strive for greater clarity, the mystery still remains. Anselm of Canterbury (1033-1109 CE) “Faith Seeking Understanding” Reason is subordinated to faith, but it has an important role to play. If one starts with faith, one can reason rightly or truly. Two reasons: delight and apologetics. Using reason is helpful
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