SMC103Y1 Lecture Notes - Interculturalism, Chinese Head Tax In Canada

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14 Nov 2011
Monday, November 14, 2011
Minority Culture Media
little known about it academically
almost as little known about multiculturalism
growing debate in Canada on multiculturalism
Quebec: interculturalism
multiculturalism said to weaken social cohesion, blamed for radicalism and extremism,
undermining Canadian values
federal government increasingly favours pluralism
definition of citizenship that are top-down rather than bottom-up
pluralism: treats individuals as equals in public sphere, acknowledge diversity
society no obligation to support alternative cultural forms
multiculturalism: states that public sphere is not neutral, no group should dominate in
way that excludes other groups
encourages different cultures and considers individuals to be part of collectivities
that provide meaning to their lives
interculturalism: how minority cultures fit with dominant Quebec culture
every four years Canada accepts one million immigrants
foreign-born population now 20%, within 2 decades 30%
GTA: foreign born 44%
majority of Toronto’s population in less than 10 years will be people of colour
either 250 or 450 minority culture newspapers representing 40 communities
approximately 40 TV and 60 radio outlets
collectively they reach more than 5 million
minority culture media more than a century old
4 known functions of 3rd language media
keep sojourners and transnationals informed of news at home
service function: how to understand and fit into Cdn culture
social cohesion of minority culture
protection and defence of minority culture
advertisers slow to move into this media
ethnic media protecting communities
social problems
power of ethnic media
Chinese head tax + Harper
alerting outsiders to own culture
ethnic media + mainstream media
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