SMC291 Radio & WWII

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University of Toronto St. George
St. Michael's College Courses
Jennifer Harris

SMC291RadioWWII 1242012 112000 AM y CRBC political pressure from Bennett proconservative party y National problems competes with own y CBCused to let people access database but not anymore due to financial problem in order to function in marketplace always potential for influence y Public broadcasting James Wood educate inform entertain y Commercial basis radio stations steal CBC ideas operate opposite from public service model Invention of general public o ScannellThese decisions had farreaching consequencesthey brought into being a radically new kind of publicone commensurate with the whole of societyOn behalf of this public the broadcasters asserted a right of access to a wide range of political cultural sporting religious ceremonial and entertainment resources whichhad hitherto been accessible to small selfselecting and more or less privileged publicsParticular publics were replaced by the general public constituted in and by the general nature of the mixed programme service and its general unrestricted availabilityp 34 o Idea of general public product of public service broadcasting o Concept of public opinion tended to be oriented towards ruling classes traditionally o Public service ideal identified as nation building in Canada creating Canadian general public o Rely on technology to unite geographically disperse populationGraham Spry o The first of those driving motives was the national motive and it was predominantThe second motive was the free use of broadcasting by all sections of opinionThe positive aspect of the national motive was the use of broadcasting for the development of Canadian national unity and the negative aspect was the apprehension of American influences upon Canadian nationality particularly as it concerned public opiniono Define us as ourselves them as them
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