SMC203 January 9th Lecture

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Jessy P.

thSMC203 January 9 Lecturetraditionally thought that Luther was the instigator of the Protestant Reformationreformation in Germany and SwitzerlandEasy for Luther to be successful due to the printing press and the corrupt Papacy Things that helped Luthers cause1 Theological ideas2 Political support Lutheranism allowed to form because local princes wanted to separate from the Catholic church so that they did not have to pay taxesSwitzerlandHuldrych Zwingli 14841531Contemporary of LutherHumanist influence and a large emphasis on scripture also had an Augustine influence which embraces the belief that humans have a sinful nature so they need grace in ordr to achieve salvationGreatness of Godneed graceSpeaks out against various Catholic practices cult of Saints indulgences veneration of Mary monastic asceticism1523 Zeric Protestant City1525 the city abolishes massZwingli embraces the doctrine that Christ is not present in the elements of the eucharist but he is spiritually present in massThe Eucharist is a key issue that separates Luther and Zwingli
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