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Jessy Giroux

Smc 203y lec 3 y Jewish divisionsHellenism vs observant roman vs conquered urban vs rural tenants vs land owner Hellenismopen to greek culture speak greek less problems with greek culture eastern part of the empireobservant jewsuphold their traditions see greek traditions as going against god and impureroman Sadducees dont like the romans because they like there leader positioncity dwellers urbanruralmajority of the land now tenants poor peasantsricher ppl who own there own lands land ownersy Jews share common beliefs monotheist only worship one God and that this god requires proper worship y Other major branch that links jews together is eschatological hope hope for the future God is going to intervene and a messiahanointed figure iscoming and is going to be sent by god to bring order and restoration to his chosen ppl to build a kingdom of god of peace and justice y Beliadeveil darkness y Keeping Sabbath avoiding certain foods purification espe b4 entering temple and cicumsion ways of worshiping god y Galille is considered to be a very bad area to live hearing jesus come from galilee they would say what could possibly be good from galilee y In isiah the messiah is considered to be the Christian meaning of what a messiah really is jesus is coming to serve not be serv
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