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St. Michael's College Courses
Jessy Giroux

Smc 203 lec 5 y Great deal of emphasis on morality when becoming a Christian also holding doctrinal beliefstraditionsy Main Christian rituals baptism Eucharist and penance something like confession confession was brought out in the medieval period y Ethics really mattered for early Christians how you lived ur life was important y To become a Christian u had to take instructions it wasnt instantaneouslythis normally took 23 yrs od instruction and then u can become baptized y Didache st1 cent it says there r 2 ways way of life and death way of life thou shall love the creator and the neighbour as thyselfgolden ruleway of death murder lust fornication avoid these things u had to be good and avoid evilsin and try to be like Jesusfollow his way imitato crisiti christian had morals that differed from the romansmain was abortion infantisize killing of female baby divorce wouldnt divorce adultery idolatry main one that caused them to be shunned there was emphasis on purity and preparing for afterlife y Early Christians believe in one god they were called atheist becuz they denied the roman gods y The say Jesus was divine and Gods son y They believed they were a part of a new covenant and that his resurrection was a world chang
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