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St. Michael's College Courses
Jessy Giroux

SMC 203 LEC 14 nov 16Monasteries are popular because the notion of indulgences ppl would give money to the monasteries so that they could pray for their loved ones soul to go to heaven thru this there becoming corrupt and manipulated by the money more into money than godIn 1200 it became a rule to go to mass and confession at least once a yr during middle ages there were important holy days that were obligatory like feast of holy innocence and feast of st peterNature was seen as being filled with the work or god and satans being piteous was important becuz this was the best way of protection against satan and demonic harmRelics were considered evil relics things that belonged to saints or that a saint touched b4 they diedVeneration of saints were important you showlive to seek to do good and seek to give honour a saint by taking on penitential practices and it was believed that your prayers would be answeredMost pop saints were the miracles saints saints are made a t local levl and the bishop is who approves the devotion of the saint making them a saintMost important saints in mid ages had one thing in common charity to the poor this becomes the m
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