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University of Toronto St. George
St. Michael's College Courses
Jessy Giroux

Jan 16 2012SMC 203 y Reformation system o Against monasticismo Against the power of clergy and pope y The teachings of protestant reformers revolve around certain things o Bible should be sole source of binding doctrine and judge of teachingsSola scripturaThis also shaped theology o 2 kinds of sacraments that have a biblical backgroundbaptism and last supper o Sola fidessaved by faith in ChristCatholicsprotestants all agree on thisOnly problem is that luther says works dont matter and cahtolics say works do matter o Calvin put emphasis back on faith with works o Priesthood of all believersAll believers are equally priests b4 god its just that some are called into ministryCouncil of trent y Refuse the buyingselling of indulgences y They deal with the veneration of saints and that saints arent on the same lvl of jesus y Saints are models to become more like Christ like but they are not as important as jesus y They reaffirm all 7 sacr
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