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SMC 203 Jan 18 lec 20 y Missions are shaped by 3 factors o 1 Missionary themselvesThese enterprises arent carried out by hundreds thousands of ppl they are with only a few ppl which dictates how Christianity is spread o 2 The stateIf u have state supports thats good becuz it allows missionaries inMissionaries come into conflict with state sometimes other times they work together y State sees missionaries as a threat in political and economic ways o 3 CommerceRelationship between traders and missionariesJesuists are able to travel and trade like alcohol for fur y Missionaries try to block these trades which causes conflict between them y Jesuits relations o Published in diff areas o Important for 3 reasons1 Way of keeping tabs on Christian troops y Was a moderating system and means of passing down advice and info y Was also a marketing tool sto 1 adult convert came in 1637Many were death bed conversionswo baptism u have no salvation y Jesuits spread the word of the gospels because they want to save souls y they believ
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