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Jessy Giroux

SMC 103 Nov 16  Historical critical method historical criticism they see tradition as a book or a game of broken telephone as it is based down to each generations  3 ways of looking at tradition looking at as a book/ broken telephone sola scriptura; whatever happens outside of the scripture is corruption protestants are really into this they go onto say that “the so called book” that has been passed down was dropped along the way everything that was taught now was always known by some ppl saw that “the book” was passed down but also given internationally and the teachings spread at large  John henry newman (1801) convereted from evangelical to Anglican as an Anglican priest he said that none of the 3 looks at tradition were right he looked at/compared Hebrew bible and Christian bible and views the ways of life and life of jesus Jesus parables, prophecies etc he goes onto say that the bible doesn’t agree with any one particular church; there is
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