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St. Michael's College Courses
Jessy Giroux

Smc 203 March 12  Teilhard de Chardin o Said there were two forces one was ENTROPY  The sun will die and were eventually all going to die o Other one was evolution  Scientists aren’t able to exaplin how feelings, emotions, spiritual elements etc that distinguishes us from being animals  He says that if something exists today it had to be alive before; he says everything is from an evolution o He is not only concerned with outer appearance and what lies within a human( feelings, emotions etc) for this reason he thinks he is a real scientist o He says evolution is governed by “the law of complexity/ consciences”  Evolution moves into phases highest =omega point  Geosphere=atoms creating and bonds are created  Biosphere=life is created by these animals  Noosphere=evolution here is also continuing; but here humans have free will and problems are created here because humans have the choice to self destruct themselves, to evolve again etc  And then omega point = he
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