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Jessy Giroux

Smc 203 april 2With the rise of secularization u c a decline in religion they go hand in handSome say there is changing religions not so much a decline o U can only really say that there is a decline in Catholicism that is an arguement because Christianity is a treePentecostalism o This is from the evangelical revivalprotestant o Sense of the holy spirit being baptism again born again Christian tho By the 20 century evangelical preaching was declining o Growing branch of Christianity o Has prominenceo This kind started with Charles Parham o Gift of tounges holy spirit was upon themCharles Parham o Believed of the holy spirirt to healing and tounges o It started in jan 1 1901He was preaching at the bethel bible school and one of his students was baptized with the holy spirit and spoke tonguesFrom this he believed that preachers and missionaries wouldnt have to learn foreign languages but he was wrongXenoglossiabelief that the holy spirit sometimes enters into ppl and allows them to speak an egelical language a universal language that is heard in heavenAzusa street revival would come see Willi
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