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Jessy Giroux

SMC 203 mar 28  Liberation Theology o Comes from latin o The theory came after the practice o Things change because of the shortage of priests in the 50/60s o Like to emphasis passages of the bible that speak about gods love  They get criticised for picking and choosing only certain passages o Classical theology  Deeper understaidng of god and what he reps, and focused on individual life overcoming sin and leading to repentance and trying to aspire holiness in people  You have your set truths and defend those truths o Liberal theology  Stresses the need for Christian to fight for a just society and social justice  Focus was on human beings and not the church  They r open to transformation and theology must be geared to changing society  They are open to reinterpretation and self critique  Boff criticises that there is an emphasis on change rather than following a certain set of rules  Its influenced by marxs and so Marxist is used  Vatican steps in and tries to fix liberation theology  It never splits form the catholic church  Liberation theology never challenges the autho
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