SMC219Y1 Lecture 11: Theory - Pierre Bourdieu

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St. Michael's College Courses
Steve Hoselton

Pierre Bourdieu - Philosopher and social theorist. Ideas built on Karl Marx (everything relies on capital which comes from labor). He thinks Marx is right (based on something we can measure) but he thinks it is not based on capital - Symbolic capital: includes Marx’s idea of capital. People are influential because they have a lot of money (high class, famous) broadening the idea of Marx, capital comes in many forms  education, cultural/family name, wealth, religious, fame - Human society relies on social interactions based on capital - Goal in society is not just wealth, but is wealth and power and influence. Social, cultural, educational capital are also important - Field: where or when any exchange of capital takes place, when the rules or codes are established (a place or time) - Habitus: norms, values (unconscious), the way you behave, habits, activities and actions that are based on what you think and allow us to connect to the capital o Interaction between field and habitus  teacher has the most symbolic capital in the classroom. System of the institution sets him up for the capital. Our behavior also sets him up for it (teacher and students both expect the teacher to be in charge). Interaction also creates religions, art - Doxa: underlining set of beliefs of how the world works (this affects the habitus  everyone is out to get you = being very cautious) - Symbolic violence: He believes capital is taken by force, privilege. Using symbolic capital to reduce personal freedom/counter your identity, sense of self, or one’s own capital. Ex: teacher saying that this is the worst class he ever taught. The person who has a lot of authority says something mean will damage the person more. When we are not aware of it happening we become a part of it/ we participate in our own subjugation (unconscious) o Leads to oppression, not maintaining capital, losing it - Reflexivity: he wants us to questi
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