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SMC 222 – M EDIEVAL LATIN LIT A. Andrée 01/07/13 Syllabus Discussion - $20 needed for the package - Grammar review schedule will be given out next week - Regarding homework: study the passages, make notes but don’t read out a prepared translation in class – better to re-engage then - 4 1h-in-class translation quizzes and a 2h-in-class Final on the last day - Attendance is mandatory - Blackboard might not be used – will email or say in class the important things - Will start with Medieval Alexander romances o Letter from Alex the Great to Aristotle – “The Wonders of India” for Wednesday - Latin dictionaries might be available online - Make lists of words unknown and known for reference – might use a phonebook - Reading the passages out loud helps - 2 strands of Latin existed in Classical Antiquity - Roman empire spread = Latin language spread - Commoners spoke a popular kind of Latin – graffiti, inscriptions, some literature and documents o Known as Vulgar Latin – from vulgus, common (people) o E.g., Petronius - Golden Age Latin are those of the elite like Cicero - Vulgar Latin the source of Romance languages, e.g., German - Formal Latin taught in schools and used in writing – what we came to know as Classical Latin - High Latin transmitted through the literature, etc. - Romance languages written in Latin - Medieval Latin emerged from Classical b/c it was taught in schools taken over by the Church o Church took over the administrative duties when the Roman empire collapsed - Taught from canon – codified grammar, etc. - Medieval Latin canon based on the Classical – still used today - Medieval Latin spread through to other areas because of the Church’s influence o Immune from change because taught through books th - 4 c., Christianity became the dominant religion – Latin became the official language (reason for its further existence then) - Spread by missionaries further into the other areas of Europe - e.g., Ireland, Germany o Done through
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