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St. Michael's College Courses
Prof Woolf

Smc 229 1312012 11300 PMMedieval and dark ages religious texts were mostly studies People who were illiterate would focus on trying to learn religious textsNot as interested in the knowledge that Greeks and romans wereRenaissance was thought of as rebirth of classical knowledge although they were not aware of this at the time Renaissance is categorized by a few genius inventionsIdeal that knowledge and learning was lost since classical era way to find it was through texts thought knowledge was in the literate shows how much they valued book learning and texts Learning to read at this time meant learning to read in Latin or greek Literary was still very restrictive since most books were written in latinSeparations of concepts of learning and learning religious ideals separation of knowledge of faith and knowledge of texts important for humanistslearning does not mean believinginvention of printing increase number of books due to he effort in the scriptoria must have wide spread agreement on convention before you can use them ie standardized writing before the steps could be taken towards printing people who perused knowledge by traveling to different librarys began to group togetherthese communities were very migrant and incuse not the same rigorous work schedule we have today ie lectures would be help in a pub students would just drop by around this time schedules were created how much you paid how long classes were not set but most people who attended came form wealthy families who had disposable income more useful to have copy of scholars book if you cant hear them talk Increasing need for students to have books to readtown clock also began to pop up during this timecompete with spires for peoples attention secular vs scientific planning say around prayers or around minuets book as possible stand for individuals who have something to say GutenbuergGutenbergborn in 1400 in Mainz Germany
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