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Week 10Ntwing Activism and Political 492012 44100 PMCollective actionShirkyGroups capable of exerting different kind of force than are individuals and when that force is turned against existing institution create different kind of threatProtests ie Leipzig protests leading up to topping of GDR flash mob inspired protestsLohman information cascadeIndividuals have particular threshold to join protest key factor is fear of punishment each successful marchdiminished fear and spread awarenessShirky shared awarenessFacilitates effective and rapid group coordinationenable political action SNS documentation permanent and distribution rapid and global of evidence SNS enables rapidsimple group formation removes obstacles to collective action function as ordinary tool can enable unprecedented effects new widely accessible forms of document sharing dist storing Social awarenessShirky3 levels everyone knows everyone knows that everyone knows visible actioneveryone knows that everyone knows that rd shirky argue 3 level necessary for real public actionorganizing without organizations social tools allow group effort invisible immediate results coordinated with little advance planning in public online without linking directly back to individual placespeoplediminished obstacles for participation collective action traditionally difficult bc commitment often convincing people who did care to care more with SNS people who care a little can participate a little while being effectiveall on the record Shirkyusing states reaction against itself jujitsuie ice cream flash mobs public tools to force state to react group undertaking as progression ladder of activity higher up and deeper higher difficultysharing fewest demands participation individual
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